Direct Support is the Fundraising Platform for Persons with Disabilities.

Raise Money for over 15% of Pakistan population that are Persons with Disabilities.

Who We Are

Direct Support is a charity initiative by Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), Pakistan, an organization working for the rights of Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan. According to World Disability Report 2012, more than 10% citizens of Pakistan are living as disabled because of the multiple barriers they face. These barriers include in accessible infrastructure, the absence of Sing language, the lake of communication technology and above all discriminatory behavior of the society.

Girls with disabilities sitting on wheelchairs

A larger number of persons with disabilities need very basic assistive devices and personal attendant service to accomplish their daily living activities. Persons with sever impairments need attendants or personal assistants all the time. Even for the very basic moves of life such eating, changing cloth and hygiene. In developed countries, these attendants are provided to persons with disabilities from the state through their social welfare programs or through the insurance coverage. In Pakistan, these persons with severe disabilities remain dependent on their family members and most of them lose the battle for their survival at a quite early age due to the lake of attention, knowledge or resources. If siblings get busy in their livelihood and parents get older there is no one to attend them.

They are left with no other option than imprisoned for life in their homes. We are aiming at to provide attendant service to 50 severely disabled persons who are living at the margins of extreme poverty in Pakistan this year. Your contribution is needed for the monthly financial cost of attendants and their training.

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Our History

Work Since 1997 with Pride!!

A group of Persons with Disabilities started an non-profit organization called Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) in 1997 from the city of Islamabad, Pakistan

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Our Mission

Mission to Empower to PWD's

Direct Support mission is to help Persons with Disabilities in need through Direct Support of personal Attendant Service, Wheelchair and Assistive Devices Support

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Empowering PWD's

Empowering PWD's

Direct Support belives in result oriented approach. We empower Persons with Disabilities to start their own businesses by opening recycle shops.