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Provision of Assistive Devices
Donate a Wheelchair

Many physically disabled persons don’t have the resources to buy the wheelchair that is appropriate for their needs.

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Provision of Food Packages
Food Donation

Your food donation will help families of persons with disabilities across the country.

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Provision of Education
Supporting for Education

How we increased the Persons with Disabilities enrollment at schools.

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According to World Health Organization (WHO) 30 million disabled people in Pakistan.

Pakistan ratified the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in July 2011 which requires governments to collect statistical and research data to identify and address barriers faced by people with disability under the Convention (CRPD, Article 31).

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Make Donations

Help us by make donation
A donation can be anything. From clothes to support attendant service for 1 person with disability for $300

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Collect fund all over the world
You can do fundraising in your community and our experts will help you with providing relevant information

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Become a volunteer
Train yourself and become a volunteer to help person's with disabilities or help us in
our daily tasks.

Insure Direct Support &

Save a Life

Not having proper personal attendent service many persons with disabilities face life threatening consequences. Help them by your donation!

Raise $300                                                                                                                             Goal $75000


Your Donation will be use in

Your little support can bring smile to persons with disabilities

Accessible Transportation for Women with Disabilities

Attendant Services

Attendant Services can be defined as physical assistance, by a trained attendant, with those activities of daily living which one cannot perform because of the impairments.


Raise 300                                Goal $75000

Accessible Transportation for Women with Disabilities

Accessible Living

Accessible living refers to the construction or modification (such as by renovation or home modification) of housing to allow independent living for individuals with disabilities.


Raise 300                                Goal $75000

Wheelchair Support

The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote mobility and enhance quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking.


Raise 300                                Goal $75000

About us

Why Choose us

Who We Are?

Direct Support is a charity initiative by Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), an organization working for the rights of persons with disabilities in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help persons with disabilities in need by providing them attendent service, accible living and assistive devices support

You can transfer fund in our Bank Account or we will provide you data of those whos needed support.

We are located in Islamabad. If you need more information please message us your information.

You can be volunteer with us or you can donate a wheelchair, for education, accessible living and attendant services.

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